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The Dubbo Project will be the first zirconium, hafnium, niobium and rare earth mine and mineral processing facility in Australia. It will be constructed once project finance has been obtained, after which operations will commence.

The construction workforce will be employed by the technology and construction contractors responsible for undertaking construction. Towards the end of construction, ASM will employ around 250 people to staff the mining and processing operations at the Dubbo Project. The total workforce will be made up of:

  • engineers, metallurgists, chemists, scientists
  • administration, accounting, logistics
  • transport, mining, operators, security, cleaning
  • tradespeople – mechanical, boiler making, electrical (including apprentices)

Unlike the majority of mining projects around Australia, the Dubbo Project will employ approximately ten people in mining-related roles. The rest of the workforce will comprise mineral processing and other project supporting roles. The mine is a very small part of the overall project, with the focus on the downstream value add in the separation and processing of mineral products.

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