High-quality neodymium metal produced


  • Successful production of 7.6 kg of neodymium metal
  • Assay confirms neodymium produced is at 99.8% purity
  • Metal purity is higher than typically traded neodymium metal
  • Validation of the patented carbon-free metallisation technology for rare earth metals

ASM’s Korean JV partner, Ziron Tech, has successfully completed the first production run of neodymium (Nd) metal in its commercial pilot plant. The production of 7.6 kg of neodymium metal assaying 99.8 per cent Nd from its patented reduction process in South Korea. The metal has been produced at a higher purity than typically traded neodymium metal.

ASM continues to progress a metalisation program using its innovative low emission, high purity metal refining technology to produce metals of zirconium, titanium, rare earths and other critical materials used for the renewable energy, speciality alloys and permanent magnet markets.

ASM’s JV is advancing the final commissioning of the electro-refining plant and is currently progressing the production of other key metals including zirconium, praseodymium, and dysprosium; which are all essential for the new technologies and advanced manufacturing markets in Australia and globally.

As previously advised, the commissioning of the electrorefining section of the pilot plant is progressing well. This process is expected to produce high purity (99.9%) titanium metal with results expected in August 2020. Further pilot plant runs are planned to produce additional neodymium, dysprosium, praseodymium, as well as other Dubbo products, in metallic form.

Australian Strategic Materials Managing Director, David Woodall said:

“This is a significant result for ASM, as this process has resulted in the production of neodymium metal at a higher purity than typically traded. My team and I have travelled to South Korea to discuss the significant potential of ASM’s integrated strategy with various Korean government and business groups. This also allows me to see the progress made by the great Ziron Tech team and to celebrate this major milestone with them.

Our strategy of integrating the products from our Dubbo Project into metals that can deliver to end use customers continues as we progress clean metal production and secure the financing needed for project development.

It is possible that a standalone clean metal plant could be built in Korea to feed critical metals to Korean industry, but also possible that another clean metal plant could be located within Australia to feed critical metals for advanced Australian manufacturing.”

Today marks the first day as a standalone ASX listed entity for ASM, trading as ASX:ASM.

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