Critical materials

Our products are essential materials for advanced technology in growth industries, with many applications that minimise harmful emissions. Rare earths, zirconium,  hafnium and niobium are in increasing demand, whilst world supply of these critical materials is predominantly reliant on a few individual countries. The risk to the global supply of critical materials is impacted by the lack of diversity and continuity of the global supply chain. ASM is emerging as the secure, independent Australian-owned supplier of critical materials into the world supply chain.

Megatrends are driving demand

Clean energy and transport, aging population, automation and the Internet of Things are accelerating and converging megatrends that are changing our way of life and growing new industries.

Matching the demands of these megatrends, ASM products are critical constituents in:

  • electric vehicles
  • wind turbines and control systems for solar panel arrays and robotics
  • high-strength low-density steels and diverse industrial ceramics
  • solid oxide fuel cells and aerospace engines
  • semiconductors and fibre optics
  • electronics, microprocessors and data storage
  • medical imaging technology, kidney dialysis and dentistry
Constricted global supply

Currently, there is a lack of supply diversity for critical materials:

  • Zirconium and rare earths: Approximately 75% of the world’s zirconium products and 85% of high-value rare earths used in permanent magnet production are produced by China.
  • Niobium: Approximately 85% of the world supply of niobium is produced in Brazil.

Supply dominance of these increasingly critical materials – essential for clean energy, clean transport and other advanced tech, including defence applications – negatively impacts the global economy. To prevent this, the world needs a diversified supply chain that has reliable, long-term, alternative suppliers.

The Dubbo Project is a secure, strategic solution

The insatiable demand for these critical materials and components (demand for rare earth magnets alone looks set to grow at 9% or more) means global manufacturers must find alternative, complete, mine-to-market supply chains to continue production. To fill the growing supply gap, other nations must immediately invest in projects producing critical materials or face far-reaching negative consequences.

ASM’s Dubbo Project offers an Australian-based, long-term, secure supply of rare earths, zirconiumniobium and hafnium. As the Dubbo Project is fully approved and construction-ready, investment is all that’s required.