About titanium

Titanium alloys are used in aerospace and advanced industrial applications, including medical implants and high-tech sporting equipment. Its light weight and superior strength, corrosion resistance and high-temperature properties make titanium a highly desired critical metal. ASM’s low-energy production process promises to reduce the cost of producing titanium metal and create new market opportunities.

Product information: titanium

ASM’s titanium alloys will include high-purity ingots and billets, as well as metal powders suitable for 3D printing. We’re working with manufacturers to jointly develop 3D titanium alloy powders.

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A new age of titanium

A key historical barrier for titanium metal applications has been the high cost of production using methods over 70 years old. ASM’s innovative metallisation process is a lower-energy, lower-cost and carbon-free alternative that promises to transform the titanium metal industry.

Titanium the ninth most abundant element on the planet, and is primarily present in rutile and ilmenite. Most of these mined raw materials are used for titanium dioxide pigments, with less than 5% undergoing the intensive processing to recover titanium metal. It is this which makes titanium a critical metal.

ASM’s proprietary process has the potential to create demand for titanium metal by reducing costs and producing metal powders optimised for 3D printing. 3D printing is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade. It is revolutionising the production of bespoke metal parts and specialty equipment by using computer-aided design to bypass traditional, large-scale factory production runs that lead to large inventory costs and long lead times for delivery.

Uses for titanium

Uses include aircraft engines, spacecraft, missiles, cars, sports equipment (such as racing yacht parts, golf clubs, tennis racquets and bike frames), wrist watches, underwater craft, and general industrial equipment, surgical implants such as pacemakers, artificial joints and bone pins.