Responsible mining and processing

ASM upholds stringent social and environmental standards across all activities. Our direct supply chain from earth to market is highly traceable for ethical and sustainable accountability, as well as being cost-effective.

ASM’s comprehensive control systems apply the principles and recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council with integrity and openness. Our workforce conditions meet or exceed international standards.

The Dubbo Project

The Dubbo Project is centred on a unique ore body that will require a large and complex processing plant to unlock the value in the contained metals. This project will be a new manufacturing business in regional NSW. It will attract engineers, metallurgists, chemists and tradespeople for the operation. Some skills will be found locally, but it is likely many families will move to Dubbo as they establish a career with ASM.

The mining operation will be a daylight operation only and the processing plant will operate 24/7. Logistically, reagents will be brought to the site and value-added products will be exported via Newcastle or Sydney.

In the time since the project was approved in May 2015, the processing plant footprint has been reduced significantly and water usage has been halved by removing hundreds of hectares of evaporation ponds from our waste management system. Higher value export products will now be produced at Toongi.

As part of the process produces heat and steam, cogeneration of power will be integrated into the process.

From the Dubbo Project’s beginnings, we have integrated active management of native wildlife and vegetation, natural landscapes, soils and waterways, to conserve and enhance local biodiversity. Through progressive rehabilitation, we aim to return our worksites to stable and productive ecosystems without delay.

In a global market where diversification of supply is becoming increasingly important, ASM represents an alternative, ethical, sustainable and reliable source of critical materials for clean and advanced technologies.