High-purity critical metals

ASM will produce a range of critical metals, alloys and powders from market-sourced raw materials and, in time, our own Dubbo Project. Foremost among our products will be high-purity titanium and neodymium-iron-boron alloys for producing rare earth permanent magnets. We will supply our products directly to technology manufacturers from our metals plant, to be located in South Korea.

Low-energy metallisation process

Our innovative metallisation process heralds a new era of critical metals production. Our process uses less energy than conventional methods, making it both lower-cost and less harmful to the environment.

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Critical metals for advanced technologies

Most of ASM’s products are critical metals used in new materials and technologies that underpin many of the megatrends driving today’s global economy. In the quest for faster, stronger, cleaner, smaller, lighter and safer, several of these megatrends are converging. There is a global strategic imperative for alternative, reliable sources of supply for these materials, as demand grows rapidly in an environment of concentrated supply.

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Rare Earths

We will produce rare earths required for permanent magnet production, such as high-purity neodymium, praseodymium and neodymium-iron-boron alloys.

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ASM’s titanium alloys will include high-purity ingots and billets, as well as metal powders that are suitable for 3D printing.

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Other metals

ASM will offer an additional range of high-purity critical metals upon completion of the Dubbo Project. Foremost among these will be nuclear-grade zirconium, an extended range of rare earths, hafnium and niobium.