Premium products

ASM will produce a suite of zirconium, rare earth (including praseodymium and neodymium), niobium and hafnium materials in the form of chemicals, powders and metals. We’ll have a range of standard and customised specifications, with a focus on high-purity and value-added materials.

Critical Minerals for Future Technologies

Most of ASM’s products are critical elements used in new materials and technologies that underpin many of the megatrends driving today’s global economy. In the quest for faster, stronger, cleaner, smaller, lighter and safer, several of these megatrends are converging, creating growth rates much higher than historical levels.

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Rare Earths

ASM’s Dubbo Project represents a significant sources of magnet rare earth elements outside China.

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ASM will produce ferro-niobium via a joint-venture with Treibacher Industrie, the only Australian source of ferro-niobium.

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Premium zirconium products will include yttria-stabilised zirconia and low-hafnium zirconium metal and oxides.

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ASM represents a unique source of hafnium that is independent of the nuclear zirconium industry.

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