About zirconium

Zirconium has long been used in many advanced materials and technologies we rely on every day, as well as being a critical element for many future industries including clean energy, health and aerospace. ASM represents an important new supply of high-purity zirconium materials, including low-hafnium zirconium metal.

Product information: zirconium

Zirconium will be produced and supplied as zirconium chemicals (zirconium oxychloride ZOC and zirconium basic carbonate ZBC) and zirconia (zirconium dioxide) in two basic grades - a standard high purity grade and and a hafnium free high purity grade (containing less than 100ppm hafnium). Owing to the intrinsically low uranium content of the source mineral, all products emit lower levels of natural radiation than most other zirconium materials on the market. A range of product specifications will be available, with exact chemistries and particle properties to be designed based on market demand.

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Uses for zirconium

Clean energy

Zirconium is used in various clean energy technologies, including solid oxide fuel cells that provide reliable and affordable portable power.

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Zirconia ceramics provide diamond-like coating protection for jet turbines, allowing them to run hotter and cleaner.

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Biomedical implants

Zirconia replaces heavy metals for brighter, whiter and more hard-wearing tooth replacements and fillings.

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Personal technology

Mobile phones and phone towers incorporate signal amplifiers containing zirconium to boost signal strength and clarity.

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High-tech fabrics

Zirconium-based waxes are used for water-proofing of outdoor clothing, tents and tarpaulins.

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Hydrogen fuel cells

Stabilised zirconia is used in hydrogen fuel cells to produce clean power, and can also operate in reverse as a hydrogen generator.

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