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Australian Strategic Materials Ltd (ASM) is an integrated materials business and emerging “mine to manufacturer” producer of critical metals. We are progressing the Dubbo Project, a proven long-term resource of rare earths, zirconium, niobium and hafnium. Our metals business will produce high-purity metals critical for a diverse range of advanced and clean technologies.
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A new and reliable source

Our world-class Dubbo Project is a long-term, sustainable and secure source of rare earths, zirconium, niobium and hafnium. The resource is located in Australia and has a life of several decades. ASM offers one of the few supply options outside China, which dominates the market for most of these critical materials.

ASM’s sustainable supply chain extends from mine to manufacturer, offering value-added metals and oxides according to end-user specification. The Dubbo Project represents an independent alternative for true supply chain diversity and reliability.

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Committed to sustainability

ASM has embedded sustainability into every aspect of our activities. We’ve invested in waste minimisation, energy efficiency, emissions reduction, nature conservation, land management and community development. With an eye to achieving a net zero carbon operation, we’re currently exploring renewable energy options for our processing plant.

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Mine to metal: critical metals and oxides

ASM will supply a suite of value-added critical metals and oxides to meet escalating global demand for permanent magnets and other high-tech applications. The Dubbo Project will produce rare earth (praseodymium, neodymium, dysprosium, terbium), zirconium, niobium and hafnium materials. Our metals business will produce a broader range of critical metals and alloys, including titanium.

ASM’s novel metallisation process converts oxides into high-purity metals, alloys and powders using up to 70% less energy than conventional methods. Following the success of our pilot plant, the first metallisation plant will be constructed in South Korea.

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ASM will produce a suite of rare earths and rare metals (zirconium, hafnium and niobium) in the form of chemicals, powders and metals. We'll have a range of standard and customised specifications, with a focus on high-purity and value-added materials - such as low-hafnium zirconium products.

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Rare Earths

A large suite of rare earth oxides will be produced by Australian Strategic Material's Dubbo Project. These include several specifications of the high-demand magnet rare earths, praseodymium ad neodymium. The Dubbo Project represent one of the most significant sources of rare earth elements outside China.

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The Dubbo Project

The Dubbo Project is centred on a unique ore body that requires an advanced processing plant to unlock the value in the contained metals. A great deal of process and engineering development work has established a pioneering flow sheet and a solid business case. We’re targeting improvement of the business case through project optimisation and production of high-purity metals.

The project is now ready for construction, with all major approvals and licences in place. This will establish a significant new manufacturing business in central western NSW.

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