Our commitment to sustainability

We intend to leave a lasting positive legacy for our stakeholders, our regional community and all Australians. Our products are essential to advanced technologies that will build a sustainable future and our practices align with this purpose.

Since the conception of the Dubbo Project, alongside our core R&D, we have invested in nature conservation, land management, sustainable farming, waste minimisation, energy efficiency, emissions reduction and community development. Our proven commitment and integrated approach to sustainability are strong foundations for positive social, environmental and financial outcomes.

We are currently investigating the potential for large-scale renewable energy generation – from solar and/or wind power – on the Dubbo Project site. There is also opportunity for energy co-generation from our processing plant. Generated energy would be both used onsite and exported to the grid.

Critical Minerals for Future Technologies

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Our activities are carefully designed to minimise our environmental footprint, protect wildlife and encourage biodiversity.

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Our integrated approach to farming and conservation optimises land management to drive positive social, environmental and financial outcomes.

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Mining and Processing

ASM's Dubbo Project promises sustainable, traceable and ethical sourcing of critical materials as the first link in the supply chain.

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We value and nurture relationships with communities in our mining areas, and strive to improve their resilience through active participation and funding.

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