Our ESG pillars

ASM’s four Environment Social Governance (ESG) pillars represent our commitment to people and the planet. We are building a net zero carbon footprint into our business from its foundation, and have a strong history of environmentally responsible practices, nature conservation and integrated agriculture. Our culture of innovation, equal opportunity, integrity and safety drives our commitment to all stakeholders and becoming an employer of choice.

Our products are essential for clean technologies that will change the world.

Net zero carbon footprint

We’re setting up our business to have a net zero carbon footprint. Our innovative metallisation process is carbon-free and consumes less energy than conventional electrorefining methods. We are also planning for renewable energy to power our metals plants and the Dubbo Project processing plant.

Our environmentally responsible approach to design and operations will help minimise our total footprint (water, energy, consumables and waste). To help achieve net zero carbon, we’re offsetting carbon emissions through a registered carbon farming project under the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

Our responsible operations

Culture and values

ASM fosters a culture of innovation, equal opportunity and integrity among our workforce, our partners and our supply chain. We recognise the benefits of a diverse team and value everyone’s contribution.

We’re starting our journey as we mean to go on. Our employees work in an environment that values their health, safety and wellbeing; we offer training, professional development and career progression. Our goal is to be an employer of choice.

Career opportunities at ASM

Conservation and land management

ASM has a long history of nature conservation and promoting biodiversity. Since 2001 we’ve been working to protect the Pink-tailed Worm-lizard, a threatened native species living around the Dubbo Project orebody.

We’ve also invested in agriculture and land management, leading with an integrated approach to farming and conservation. Our subsidiary, Toongi Pastoral Company, applies innovative conservation, sustainable farming and carbon sequestration practices to improve native habitats in biodiversity offset areas and agricultural land productivity.

Conservation & biodiversity Agriculture & carbon sequestration

Communities and social responsibility

We aspire to be a valued member of our communities. Our relationships with stakeholders are founded on open lines of communication, listening, cooperation and meaningful action. We respect the needs of local and Indigenous communities, and strive to improve regional resilience through participation and economic stimulus.

Our actions are governed by an experienced Board committed to administering our policies and procedures with openness and integrity. Our products are also essential for clean technologies that will change the world.

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