About the Dubbo Project

The Dubbo Project represents a large in-ground polymetallic resource of rare earths, zirconium, niobium, hafnium, tantalum and yttrium. The Dubbo Project is wholly owned by ASM and located near the village of Toongi, 25 kilometres south of Dubbo in Central Western New South Wales, Australia. With all major approvals and licences in place, along with an established process flow sheet and a solid business case, the Dubbo Project is ready for construction, subject to financing.

ASM intends to develop the Dubbo Project to supply globally significant quantities of zirconium and rare earth materials, as well as contribute to the niobium and emerging hafnium industries. These materials are in high demand for a range of existing and future technologies – in particular clean energy and transportation, where they are used in high volumes.

In a global market where diversification of supply is becoming increasingly important, the Dubbo Project represents an alternative, sustainable and reliable source of these critical materials.

Dubbo Project infographic

Check out this infographic to see all the benefits of the Dubbo Project.

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Dubbo Project key info

Key facts and information about the Dubbo Project, including key approvals and project status, operations overview and flowsheet.

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Project updates

Since discovery of the unique Toongi deposit, a vast amount of process development and engineering work has been undertaken to establish the flowsheet and a solid business case.

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ASM will produce a range of high-purity and value-added zirconium, rare earth, niobium and hafnium materials for use in many current and future technologies.

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We work hard to protect, nurture and enhance local biodiversity, while minimising our environmental footprint through sensitive design and rehabilitation.

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We value strong and positive relationships with local communities and strive to leave a positive legacy that will long outlive the life of our operations.

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The Dubbo Project is based on the Toongi deposit, a massive fine-grained trachyte outcrop of Jurassic age with elevated levels of zirconium, rare earths, niobium and hafnium.

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Reports and management plans

Read or download PDFs of all publicly available environmental reports and management plans, Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), company responses, permission and consents.

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