Company overview

ASM is focused on producing specialty metals and oxides for advanced technologies and is the 100% owner of the Dubbo Project. Located in central-western NSW, ASM’s cornerstone Dubbo Project has a long-term resource of rare earths, zirconiumniobium and hafnium– a globally significant source of these critical materials for a diverse range of emerging and sustainable technologies.

In a joint venture with South Korea’s Zirconium Technology Corporation (Ziron Tech), ASM is advancing oxide separation and metallisation technologies to create a range of value-added materials from market-available precursors and, ultimately, Dubbo Project outputs.

ASM’s pilot plant in South Korea has been completed with successful production of titanium and neodymium metal. ASM is progressing an optimisation study of Dubbo Project inclusive of flotation that has the potential to positively impact the capital and operating costs of the project. This optimisation and a feasibility study on the metallisation plant is planned to be completed by the end of 2020 and Q4 2020 respectively.


As part of our commitment to shareholders, ASM drives success by building strategic partnerships and leveraging opportunities within Australia and globally for long-term customer relationships.

Our long-standing partnership with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and our joint venture with South Korea’s Ziron Tech enable ASM to produce extremely pure and highly processed speciality materials essential to global manufacturing markets.

Market research confirms that zirconium, hafnium, niobium and rare earth materials are in high demand for a range of existing and emerging technologies – in particular, clean energy and transport require them in high volumes.

Two key initiatives

1. Dubbo Project

ASM’s Dubbo Project will process rare earths (including praseodymium and neodymium), zirconium, niobium, and hafnium from a long-term resource in central-western NSW, producing a range of high-purity, value-added oxides and metals.

The Dubbo Project represents a significant, sustainable and reliable primary source of these critical materials, to meet escalating demand and decrease supply chain risks to Australian and global markets.

With all approvals and licences in place, the Dubbo Project is ready for construction and ASM has high confidence for execution. We are monitoring product demand and will seek further investment for the project when market conditions are right.

2. Independent metals technology facility

ASM has undertaken more than 10 years of development with ANSTO to recover, purify and add value to the outputs of the Dubbo Project, increasing our range of products and profitability. In 2019, ASM initiated a joint venture with South Korea’s Ziron Tech to pilot the production of hafnium and zirconium by combining our proprietary process with Ziron Tech’s metallisation technology (developed at South Korea’s Chungnam National University; ASM has exclusive global commercialisation rights under licence).

The pilot plant of our metals technology facility commenced production in mid-2020, allowing a definitive feasibility study and:

  • providing an opportunity to prove capability for commercial-scale production of hafnium and zirconium
  • enabling ASM to build strategic customer relationships for offtake agreements
  • establishing the capability to process other Dubbo Project outputs, including rare earth metals, in Australia and South Korea, and
  • growing a sustainable business to enhance ASM’s financial status.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – We will act with personal integrity and fairness; communicate openly, honestly and constructively; build and maintain trust with our work mates; be transparent in approaches to each other; act with we ‘walk the talk’.
  • Effectiveness – We are performance and outcome orientated; focus on business goals and objectives; assess appropriate allocation of resources, energy and time when undertaking tasks; demonstrate constructive and deliberate actions to ensure delivery of service; seek out opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Sustainability – We will surpass our shareholder’s expectations; think both short and long term; foster business relationships; deliver on our obligations to environment and community.
  • Innovation – We will promote continuous improvement; encourage and value new ideas; assess and provide constructive feedback; be prepared to ask “why” and challenge boundaries; regularly benchmark our performance against similar businesses with the objective to improve; think ahead, anticipate obstacles and provide solutions; demonstrate initiative; celebrate successes.
  • Safety and Wellbeing – We will operate according to company plans, standards, policies, procedures and guidelines; demonstrate duty of care to self and others; be vigilant for and promote safety improvements; identify hazards and control them in a timely manner; demonstrate a balance between working and home life.
  • Professionalism – We will be accountable and follow through with commitments; volunteer and demonstrate enthusiasm for challenges; operate with a bias for action; strive to exceed the standards and expectations of the business; lead and influence others in a positive way – “lead by example”; acknowledge mistakes.
  • Transparency – We will seek feedback in order to achieve open communication and foster collaboration; offer constructive feedback to others that is timely, specific and descriptive; be proactive in communicating outcomes across our sites and to the corporate team.

Dubbo Project

Our cornerstone is the Dubbo Project, which represents a sustainable and reliable source of the critical materials zirconium, hafnium, rare earth elements and niobium.

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We've taken a unique approach towards conservation and land management with our wholly owned Toongi Pastoral Company, which manages the land and property assets surrounding the Dubbo Project.

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Metals Technology

We're investing in new technologies related to the separation and metallisation of oxides to produce high-purity and value-added critical materials.

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ASM will produce a range of high-purity and value-added zirconium, hafnium, rare earth and niobium materials for use in many current and future technologies.

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