Neodymium Praseodymium production and permanent magnet samples

  • ASM has produced 9kg of Neodymium Praseodymium (NdPr) alloy at commercial pilot plant in Korea
  • The NdPr assayed 99.65%
  • ASM progressing the production of 200kg of NdPr metal as part of an initiative between Ziron Tech and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) to produce a 600kg sample of permanent magnets for Korean industry
  • ASM continues discussions with Korean government and industry to support supply chain self-sufficiency

Australian Strategic Materials (ASX: ASM) (ASM) has successfully produced 9kg of the key permanent magnet alloy Neodymium Praseodymium (NdPr) at its commercial pilot plant in South Korea. Following this success ASM, through Ziron Tech, is progressing an agreement with the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) (a South Korean government research institute) to produce a sample 600kg of permanent magnets for Korean industry over the coming months.

ASM’s success with the production of titanium and key permanent magnet metals (neodymium and praseodymium) at its commercial pilot plant, using its patented high purity metallisation process, has resulted in continued interest from leading Korean companies and government organisations.

This success in the metal production led to ASM agreeing to acquire its joint venture partner, Ziron Tech, on 3 September to continue the development of their clean metallisation process and production of sample permanent magnets for the Korean industry.

ASM Managing Director, David Woodall said: “Over the past few weeks whilst I have been in South Korea, we have had some important discussions with Korean companies and government around ASM’s metallisation technology and the Dubbo Project. Working with KITECH, a respected and leading innovation group in Korea to produce samples of permanent magnets is an important step in ASM’s commercialisation strategy.”

“Korea imports rare earths magnets and has a strong desire to ensure security of supply of these critical materials to their domestic manufacturing sector. This sample production run is set to provide a framework for increased domestic production to help support their local industry. To progress this, ASM will produce the 200kg of NdPr required for the production of the 600kg sample permanent magnets.”

Director Dr. Lim, Kyung Mook of the Korea Institute for Rare Metals (KIRAM) a KITECH division said: “We welcome ASM as a member of the Korean Rare Earth Institute and we are pleased to work with Ziron Tech under the joint research and development for rare earth alloy production. With our close collaboration with Ziron Tech we are enthusiastic to proceed with rare earth magnet production testing using the metal availability from Ziron Tech.”

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